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High Protein, Gluten Free, Sprouted Garbanzo Beans, Falafel Now Delivered Free to You

NEW!….Introducing a new way to get the best falafel in the USA! is based in beautiful Maine. We now distribute our falafel to 35 states. The main idea behind FalafelByMail is to bring the best high quality falafel, beloved by chefs thoughout New England, to your dinner table. Immediately after out falafel is made, it is frozen and shipped in insulated cooler boxes with plenty of dry ice to insure perfect delivery. Carrier services such as UPS and FedEx deliver your order to guarantee the fastest possible arrival.

By sprouting our beans we release ALL of the vital nutrients within the whole grain. The sprouting process uses  water which releases enzymes to make a living food. Our exclusive process unlocks energy, nutrition, and flavor.

Why has our falafel been touted as being the “Best Frozen Falafel” on the market?

Because, all of our focus and effort is directed toward one thing – making the best falafel. With both of our products you will find:

  • fresher flavor, crisper outside, and a more tender inside
  • sprouted Garbanzo Beans – enhancing digestion and nutrient bio availability
  • wholesome ingredients including a bounty of Fresh Parsley. The intention of love infused in every patty

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